Marsh’s Honey

Central Otago white clover honey from the valley orchards and tussock high country of the Teviot Region, New Zealand.

100% Pure New Zealand Honey
• 3rd generation family business established in 1934
• Quality clover honey with great texture, unique flavour & white colour
• Our bees are not fed sugar syrup substitute!
• National Award Winning Honeycomb (2016/17/18/19)

We believe Marsh’s Honey tastes better because we are a small artisan business that does everything with care – from hive to honeypot.

Our bees feed on nectar and honey only, which means naturally healthier bees.

Our Central Otago honey products are available to buy through the website. Just email your order through to us.  We always use environmentally friendly post packaging where possible.




Marsh’s Honey is 100% Pure New Zealand Honey  


Marsh's Honey

Creamed Clover Honey


Marsh's Honey

Creamed Clover Honey


Marsh's Honey

Creamed Clover Honey


Marsh's Honey

Honey Comb


"I have been a massive fan of this honey since stumbling over this product something like 20 years ago. Look out for the blue lid!"

~ Al Brown, NZ Chef / Food Writer

"I heard that the best honey in NZ was Marsh's Honey in Ettrick - so I was on a mission to get this honey for my Dad who at 88 says the reason he is fit and healthy is due to honey on his toast in the morning!

Well, I arrived and met the great team and have to say the honey is amazing! The intensity of flavour like the pristine air and glorious Central skies - unforgettable and so glad I made the trip"

~ Annabelle White, NZ Chef / Food Writer


Marsh's Honey Central Otago


Marsh’s Honey
47 Ettrick Road
Central Otago
New Zealand